REThink 2015 Day 13, Meeting and Project Update, MATLAB

I’m going to keep this one brief today.

Kathy and I went to the Med School. We presented our current project details. Here’s where we are:


I have the program (mostly) working, but it’s still not as “generic” as I’d like. I took out many of the hardcoded locations, but some are still a bit of a problem. The standalone does run, and does save the data. Mark would like to check the output data to see if me cleaning up the code has changed any of the output variables.


Kathy just received her eye tracker, and is just beginning to play around with the API. She also received a Windows Machine, since the API is Windows Only. She bought the $495 Gazepoint tracker, and is hoping to have more to report next week.

After we returned, I spent the afternoon with Kathy trying to get┬áMATLAB to read the images from the “Images” folder. It isn’t currently working…