RETHINK 2015 Day 18 and Day 19, Long Lab Meeting, Now to learn the next part of MATLAB

I finished analyzing the pictures that were sent yesterday, so I figured we could talk about that at lab meeting. Kathy was in a bit early, and we were trying to get her Gazepoint eye tracker to talk (a la socket programming), but she was having problems. Turns out it was just Windows Firewall blocking the API, so we fixed that and she was good to go.

We went over to the bus, but they moved the bus stop (you know, without telling anyone) due to the Water Main Break on Tuesday. So we had to take a later bus (because we missed ours walking over to the stop where we thought the bus would be), and were a bit late. The meeting took forever- it was one of those super long meetings, because it seems everyone has had progress on their projects. I need to now figure out how to analyze my data in HSV colorspace. So, there has to be a MATLAB function (Scatter 3D I think) that will allow me to plot the data. It looks like it’s in a matrix.

After lunch Thursday, I did some research, and helped out with some other projects (Kippo Honeypot on the Raspberry pi).

Today, I worked for home, trying to write my own matrix function to analyze the HSV colorspace. ┬áIt’s not going great so far, but progress seems to come slow. We’ll see what happens on Monday!

REThink Day 3, Binary, Hex, and Project Proposals


We spent this morning as a group covering intro to Computer Science. Many of the people here teach computer science, so they completely understand these concepts. For me, it was a day of a lot of learning. We used Dr. Jeffrey Popyack’s website as reference material for the learning.

I learned about binary numbers, hex, and converting binary to hex. We demonstrated our knowledge on a lab. We spent time creating banners from our letters encoded in hex. I made one with my name.








We also talked at length about the new AP CS Principles course. This new Advanced Placement course will take place in the 2016-2017 school year. For a lot more resources, look here.

We spent the afternoon working on project proposals. I will be sharing mine tomorrow.