Day 11- Clean Room Activities!

Day 11 started off like a typical day, where we edited some laboratories for a couple of hours.  The labs are now very close to being done their first revision; after we complete the labs for ourselves we will re-edit them!

We had a brown bag lunch, where Professor Thomas Bifano talked to us about adaptive optics, as well as being an entrepreneur.  Professor Bifano did a fantastic job explaining to us all about adaptive optics, and I had no idea that it was classified until very recently!

After our brown bag lunch, we went to the cleanroom on the 8th floor of the BU Photonics building.  We dressed in the required garments, and learned about the clean room.  Here’s one of the 100 or so pictures taken in the cleanroom. 


We did laser lithography in the cleanroom.  If you look at the mask that I created in the Day 10 post, that’s what the finished product should look like.  It was intense using so many different machines and learning the process of laser lithography.  This took basically the rest of the day.  I’ll hopefully post more pictures for you in the near future!