STEM Digital, Day 5


Leaf Leaching experiment, before purification

STEM Digital, Day 5, started out reviewing water quality and purification processes.  Earlier in the week, we had set up leaves for a leaf-leaching experiment.  We were now use this water to analyze the matter that had leached into the water.  We then tried different purification methods, and rated the efficacy of these methods of treating our water.

We then reviewed our earlier experiments, including the Diffusion Experiment and Crayfish Analysis of experiments we started earlier in the week, using the ADI software.

Finally, Mort Sternheim gave a presentation on different careers that could be considered that have to do with STEM and digital photo analysis.  We met with groups from our subject areas and talked about how our students would be able to use the skills we’re teaching them to find careers. 


Our Crayfish, after 4 days in a light environment