REThink 2015 Day 14, Work from Home, MATLAB Images


This one is going to be (even) shorter than yesterday, as I’m about to get out the door to drive to Massachusetts.

I’m trying to fix the same issue that I was having yesterday. We tried the MATLAB functions:
imagearray = evalc(‘ls *.svs’)
[FILENAMES]= strsplit(imagearray);

So we’re taking the files in the “images” folder, listing those with the .svs in an array, and then splitting the array. For my computer coding friends, you can most likely tell a Biologist wrote the rest, because it takes the FILENAMES array, sorts alphanumerically, and then outputs that array. (And then…the array is transferred to filenames…all lowercase.) Still, it’s having trouble with the Bioformats library reading those files, so that’s what I need to work on on Monday