Cheung Lab, Days 5 and 6


Leaf discs after being transferred to new medium

This week was a hectic one with my Nanotechnology Class, but I was still able to work in the lab a couple of days, Monday and Friday.  It was similar to other processes that we completed earlier, so it was relatively easy on the “learning” side.

On Monday, we dipped more Arabidopsis plants with 3 different bacterial lines.  When I got to the lab, the plants were already cleaned, so it was as easy as spinning down the bacteria, preparing the solutions, and actually dipping the buds.  We then tied up the plants we had dipped the previous week.


Tied Arabidopsis plants

On Friday, we worked on transferring the tobacco leaf discs from their medium to a new medium; one that induced shoots to grow and selected for antibacterial resistance.  The process was simple- consolidating 3 plates from the previous medium to 2 plates of the new medium.  After transferring the plates, we looked at our direct-soil germinated plants, and spread them out evenly in each plant pot.



Sorting soil-germinated plants