REThink 2015 Day 11, Major Breakthrough in MATLAB, Program about 70% complete

Today I had a big breakthrough in MATLAB. Late yesterday, I was able to get my for loop working, and started working on fixing certain aspects of the program. The version I was given had many of the files hardcoded- this is a bit sloppy, as the directories will not be the same on everyone’s computers. I ended up making the program more versatile, with folders in the pwd (present working directory) specified at user launch, or via a MATLAB variable.


I also added more in terms of GUI features. Before, you would click the “Done” Button, and it would not acknowledge anything, and step through to the next photograph to be analyzed. I ended up adding a dialog box to my MATLAB code with:

h = msgbox(‘Data Saved’);

So the enduser would receive a message, letting them know that data had indeed been saved.


I also spent some time helping Barbara and Denise out with their Raspberry Pi issues. I’m very interested in the Raspberry pi, so I don’t consider it time wasted at all. They were having some issues with getting it to display headless. One of the first things I realized is that when you are connecting it directly to the ethernet port of your computer, you need to assign it an ip address. So I used this DHCP Server program to do so:

After that step, I was able to connect via putty, and follow the instructions for getting a VNC server set up. Finally, I made the VNC server autostart when the raspberry pi booted, using these directions here: (The vncboot file instructions on the other links DID NOT work for me)

And here it is, running in all of it’s glory!