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REThink 2018, Week 1

For this iteration of the RETHINK Program, I believe I am going to try weekly blogs instead of daily blogs. I am fortunate enough to be working with Dr. Mark Zarella again. Here is my experience for week 1: Monday: Believe it or not, I still had school. So I had to miss the first […]

UMass K-12

Nanotechnology Institute, Day 5

Gel Diffusion lab, red food coloring Day 5 was a good conclusion to the excellent experience that I’ve had at the UMass STEM Nanotechnology Institute 2013.  We reviewed our crystal and Gelatin Diffusion experiments with the ADI software that I learned about at STEM Digital.  It was powerful to be able to analyze the results […]

Nanotechnology Institute, Day 4

Completed Solar Cells Day 4 of the Nanotechnology Institute started with the group learning about solar cells from Professor D. Venkataraman.  It was interesting learning exactly how solar cells work, and the different work being conducted on different solar cell materials.  It was also great to learn about the current solar cell research that is […]

Dr. Alice Cheung’s Lab, Summer 2013

Cheung Lab, Day 9

UMass College of Natural Sciences Research Greenhouse Today started out by visiting the growth room on the 12th floor and selecting plants to collect seeds from.  We were collecting the T0 seeds from both arabidopsis wildtype and the feronia line.  The seed collection process uses newspaper and shaking the seed pods to release the seeds […]

Cheung Lab, Day 8

Analyzing Gel results Today started off with a lab meeting, so I was able to head in late after cleaning my house and starting to get ready for my trip to Seattle.  I started in the laboratory by reviewing the procedures for running gels (gel electrophoresis).  The lab meeting ran late, so I was able […]

Cheung Lab, Day 7

    View from 11th floor, Lederle Graduate Research Center Day 7 of working in Dr. Alice Cheung’s laboratory started with us setting up a GUS assay.  GUS is a gene that we put in to visualize where something is being expressed.  In our case, we were using the plates we set up on 7/2, put […]

BUSAT: Summer 2012

Day 24- Pedagogy/Starting Wrap Up

Today started off great because it was the first day that I didn’t arrive at 7 am, so I was able to sleep in!.  We met in groups with teachers from our subject areas, and talked about our lesson plans.  It was great and reminded me of grad school; we used a rubric and thoroughly […]

Day 23- Balloon Recovery #2

I started out today early because I wanted to beat traffic into the city.  So I was into the Photonics center at BU around 7:30 am.  I happened to check out the map and see that our balloon was still transmitting it’s GPS location, so that was an awesome sign. We had a follow up […]

Day 22- Balloon Launch & Recovery Attempt

Today we launched our 1200 gram balloon from Mt. Greylock State Reservation in Lanesborough, MA.  We launched right near the visitors center, in a big field. We started the day by loading everything into my car, while the other cars took the passengers.  Here’s a picture to show you how crowded it was. It took […]