Day 2- We’re ahead of our schedule!

Day 2 started out with me taking the train in, and getting there an hour early.  I worked on some catch up reading until the lab opened at 9 am.

Fjodor and I decided that we are going to start each day setting our daily goals.  Our daily goals were to finish figuring out what supplies we needed, inventory the goods that we had already received, and start compiling questions for Nate for the meeting we were going to have on Thursday.

We got through all of those goals in about an hour, so we started constructing our first lab: Introduction to Electronics.  It’s interesting planning a laboratory with another teacher, because you each have different perspectives on what makes a “good” lab. 

Fjodor and I talked a lot about labs and education in general in preparation for editing the labs.  We then started editing the first lab, and split it into a Teacher’s edition and Student’s edition.

The teacher’s edition has references to Massachusetts and National Frameworks, setup tips, ways to pull students in, and additional resources.  We started work on expanding the laboratory to give students a greater understanding and make it inquiry-based.

We had another brown bag lunch, but this time it was with all of the other RETs.  Helen Fawcett was our speaker, and she gave a fantastic talk on “Project Management & Research Skills.”

We ended the day working more on the labs.  We had planned on starting to edit the labs next Monday, so we are already ahead of our timeline!  We get tomorrow off, so I’m going to the Esplanade to celebrate the 4th of July!