Day 7- Waiting for Supplies

We’ve been editing laboratories for our Near Space components without the materials; we’re still waiting on the shipment to come in.  It gets tedious editing laboratories all day long, so today I learned a few different skills.  The first of which will come in handy for when we take video of all of the laboratories: video editing.

We are going to be making videos of all of the laboratories, so I taught myself basic video editing skills in iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5.  It was interesting to learn these skills, as I’m planning on recording a weekly recap of my classroom next year, and posting it online so students may access it from anywhere to review topics discussed in class.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful; we edited laboratories.  They are taking a lot more time than we had anticipated, but there is little yet to do as we’re still waiting on our supplies to come in.