Alice Cheung’s Lab, Day 2


Our seeds, which will be ready in about five weeks.

Today, we started out the day by editing the procedure, which was different than the actual procedure that I described yesterday (and that lab members have taught us.)  We started by doing a seed screening, this time with many different genes, which we will compare in five weeks on the young plants.  The genes we were investigating were RK10p:Gus, RK11p:Gus, Wildtype (Normal) Arac7p:Gus, And Arac10p:Gus

We then prepared soil and spread seeds for direct soil germination.  There is a lab protocol for exactly how the soil is supposed to made, which was very interesting to learn (and remember well from my childhood.


A solution of nutrients to be mixed with the soil.


Our seeds are covered so that the soil doesn’t get too dry, but have a corner propped to help mitigate mold growth.